A collection of flexible dialogs based on Bootstrap 4 modals

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Bootstrap 4 dialogs

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BSD is a tiny and flexible collection of dialog popups based on Bootstrap 4 modals.
Custom dialogs can be easily defined, in addition to built-in ones (alert, confirm and prompt).


Full documentation and examples are available at

Quick start

BSD requires jQuery v1.9+ and Bootstrap 4 modal component.

Several quick start options are available:

  • Install with npm: npm i bgaze-bootstrap4-dialogs
  • Install with yarn: yarn add bgaze-bootstrap4-dialogs
  • Install via CDN:
  • Install with Composer: composer require bgaze/bootstrap4-dialogs
  • Download the latest release:
  • Clone the repo: git clone

Just make sure to include required dependencies into your app, then include the library:

  • If installed as a module, import it: const bsd = require("bgaze-bootstrap4-dialogs");
  • Otherwise include the script into your page: <script src="path/to/bootstrap4-dialogs.js"></script>

That's it! Now you can use the globally declared bsd object.

// Alert
bsd.alert('Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet');

// Confirm
bsd.confirm('Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet', function (confirmed) {
    if (confirmed) {
        // ...

// Prompt
bsd.prompt('Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet', function (value) {
    if (value !== null) {
        if (value.trim() === '') {
            // Prevent dialog closing, as provided value is empty.
            return false;