A ZF2 module for integrating with

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A ZF2 module to intergrate with


##Instalation & Setup (using composer):

  1. Run composer.phar require bgallagher/bgintercom:dev-master.
  2. Add BgIntercom to your application.config.php.
  3. Copy the distributed config file from vendor/bgallagher/BgIntercom/config/BgIntercom.config.php.dist to config/autoload/BgIntercom.config.php and fill in your app_id.
  4. echo the view helper in your layout <?= $this->intercom() ?>

##NOTE: requires a created_at field, however ZfcUser does not support this out of the box.

To overcome this, this module will:

  1. Check for a getter method for created_at (default: getCreatedAt()) on the User object. If found (assumes a DateTime object is returned) it will send this as the created_at timestamp. This obviously assumes that you have extended the ZfcUser User entity.
  2. Fallback to a default create_at datetime if the method is not found.

Both the getter method name & fallback date are configurable - see BgIntercom.config.php.dist.

Get in touch and/or PR if this doesn't meet your needs.