dummy image driver for bex/behat-screenshot behat extension

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Last update: 2021-03-29 00:31:28 UTC


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This package is an image driver for the bex/behat-screenshot behat extension which is just an example to show how an image driver should look like. So it only returns a dummy image url.


Install by adding to your composer.json:

composer require --dev bex/behat-screenshot-image-driver-dummy


Enable the image driver in the Behat-ScreenshotExtension's config in behat.yml like this:

      active_image_drivers: dummy


When you run behat and a step fails then the Behat-ScreenshotExtension will automatically take the screenshot and will pass it to the image driver, which will return the dummy image url. So you will see something like this:

  Scenario:                           # features/feature.feature:2
    Given I have a step               # FeatureContext::passingStep()
    When I have a failing step        # FeatureContext::failingStep()
      Error (Exception)
Screenshot has been taken. Open image at
    Then I should have a skipped step # FeatureContext::skippedStep()