Save locations using latitude/longitude DataObject fields.

1.3 2015-02-06 14:39 UTC


Scrutinizer Code Quality

Lets you record a precise location using latitude/longitude/zoom fields to a DataObject.

Displays a map using the Google Maps API. The user may then choose where to place the marker; the landing coordinates are then saved.

You can also search for locations using the search box, which uses the Google Maps Geocoding API.


__construct options
Option Default Description
field_names See GoogleMapField.yml's default_options.field_names A map of field names to save the map data into your object.
Field options
Option Default Description
coords Your object's latitude and longitude The intial coordinates of the map - note: this is not the default value if no object exists
map Zoom of 14, map type of ROADMAP A google.maps.MapOptions object