Add artisan commands for language strings

V0.3.4 2023-02-28 17:33 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-28 20:16:39 UTC


This package is to add artisan commands for language strings to Laravel>=5.4 project.

Because when you have all your base strings in your project you have no way to easily get them to create a JSON file for a locale. You have to check all files... So this package helps you and do that automaticaly, and do some other tasks like list all strings and synchronise a locale JSON file...


Add these 4 artisan commands :

  • language:strings to list all project strings (in app and resource/views folders)
  • language:make to create a JSON file for the locale filled with project strings
  • language:diff to show differences between locale JSON file and project strings
  • language:sync to synchronise locale JSON file with project strings


Add package to your composer.json file :

    composer require bestmomo/laravel5-artisan-language --dev

For Laravel 5.4 add service provider to config/app.php (with Laravel >=5.5 there is the package discovery):


Configuration (optional)

if you need to change some parameters you can add a config file in the config path of your project which name is artisan-language.php with content like before :

return [
    "scan_paths" => [
    "scan_pattern" => '/(@lang|__|\$t|\$tc)\s*(\(\s*[\'"])([^$]*)([\'"]+\s*(,[^\)]*)*\))/U',
    "lang_path" => resource_path('lang'),


to generate a translation file for locale "fr" you should launch command before :

php artisan language:make fr

use option --force if the file already exists and you want overwrite it.

And it's done !