Helper for Laravel 5.2 application installation

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For Laravel 5.3 look at this repository.

There is already a helper package for Laravel application installation. It's great but is not what I need because final people are not developpers and they must have informations that they can understand. On the other hand I think it's usefull to manage the possibility to register an administrator in the installation phase.

So I have developed this alternative package with final user in mind.

There is a (french) presentation there.


  • point base url to installator route
  • check PHP version
  • check folders permissions
  • check server requirements
  • allow application publication
  • get the database settings with a form
  • migrate the database
  • seed the database (if needed)
  • optionaly get basic informations (set in config) for administrator creation with a form
  • allow saving complementary informations fo administrator (for example roles)
  • set an unique security key for application
  • remove service provider reference in config to delete the installation stuff


Add Installer to your composer.json file to require it :

    require : {
        "bestmomo/laravel-installer": "0.1.*"

Update Composer :

    composer update

The next required step is to add the service provider to config/app.php :



The last required step is to publish views, translations and configuration in your application with :

    php artisan vendor:publish



View are in resources/views/vendor/installer, you can customize them as you want.


Translations are in resources/lang/* in installer.php file. You can customize them as you want and add other languages (default are only en and fr).


Configuration is in config/installer.php :

  • Application name : the name of the application
  • Application version : the version number of the application
  • PHP version : you can set newer version if you need for your application (dont forget to update lang files too)
  • Server requirements : add other requirements if you need for your application
  • Permissions : add other permissions if you need for your application
  • Publish path : if you have to publish directories and files set the path (default is null). For example you have a blog directory with folders, subfolders and files at the root, set this value :
  'publish-path' => base_path('blog'),

Take care that any file with same name will be changed for the new one.

  • Login url : set the login url for button at the end of installation
  • Administrator : set true if you want administrator creation with installation. Set also the fields if default values dont suit. But take care that these fields must fit the create method of AuthController (or your form request) because package uses this method to create the administrator. If you use form request for validation set it in validator configuration. If you use a custom creator method set it in creator configuration.

To add other informations to administrator as roles you can create this method in AuthController :

protected function userAddValues(User $user)
    // Add elements to administrator record there

The user model is provided as method parameter so you can easily set a query.

Todo list

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