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Shopware-Bugsnag Plugin

This is a very simple implementation of nothing more :)


Either create a using the and install it through your shopware backend or require the plugin with composer

$ composer require best-it/shopware-bugsnag


API Key:

Before activating the plugin make sure to enter you bugsnag API key. You can do this in the plugin config in the backend or through the BUGSNAG_API_KEY environment variable.

If your API Key is empty and no environment is set your shop will throw an exception.


PHPUnit tests enabled and should be written in the tests folder. To run them use

$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit

To see whether the plugin works in your environment, implement this in your code and check in the bugsnag portal.

$this->get('best_it_bugsnag.client')->notifyException(new \Exception('Test error'));