Provides a kitchen sink template useful for theme development.

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3.0.0 2023-10-31 02:14 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-30 00:45:16 UTC


The Simple Styleguide enables site maintainers a single page to source the general site styles out of the box (typography, links, colours, form fields etc). Extensible through theme templates to build out a component library specific to the website.

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The module adds a new controller endpoint which can be viewed at the /_styleguide route, if logged in with admin permissions, or viewing from a dev environment. Also provides a kitchen sink template that can be used or overriden by your site theme to display frontend and typography components.

The SimpleStyleguideController class also includes a basic form (SimpleStyleguideController::TestForm()), and HTMLText output (SimpleStyleguideController::getContent()), for testing framework output.


Run on the command line:

$ composer require benmanu/silverstripe-simple-styleguide

or include "benmanu/silverstripe-simple-styleguide": "^2.0" in your project composer.json and run:

$ composer update

Use the 1.0 tag for SilverStripe 3 sites.


The styleguide template can be overriden by including a file in your themes template/Layout/ directory.

The SimpleStyleguideController class can be overriden using SilverStripes extensions to either add new output functions, or modify the provided functions, by using the updateStyleguideData extension hook.

Styleguide Data

An extension hook is available to override/edit the rendered template data through updateStyleguideData.

Color Swatches

A simple color swatch template is available and can be overriden through the color_swatches config value.

    - Name: "Black"
      Description: "This color is rather dark"
      CSSColor: "#000000"
      TextColor: "#ffffff"
    - Name: "Grey"
      Description: "This color is grey"
      CSSColor: "#666666"
      TextColor: "#000000"

Placeholder Images

The placeholder image url can be overriden through the placeholder_image_url config.

  placeholder_image_url: "/simple-styleguide/images/placeholder.png"