Autocomplete field that can be used as a SilverStripe form field

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This is a basic autocomplete field that can be used as a SilverStripe form field which provides a suggestion list based on the current text that has been entered into the field.

It uses a custom component built in VueJS to handle the autocomplete. The custom component depends on the npm module.


You can install this via:

composer require benmanu/silverstripe-autocompletefield

Javascript Development

This module has as an npm dependency which makes it easy to do future javascript development for the module.

To get everything setup you just need to run:

yarn install

Once all the npm packages have been installed you can start javascript development using either:

yarn run dev: which will start a watch task that rebundles the src files when files in the javascript/src/ folder are updated.

yarn run prod: which you will want to run when finished to produce a production ready build of the javascript src files.


There are a bunch of enhancements that will eventually be added such as:

  • Ability to suggest based on an AJAX response
  • Ability to customise more options such (e.g. min length of characters before suggesting) when creating the PHP field
  • Ability to pass in a DataList and have it automatically turn that into suggestion data