Create views, including "resource" views, using console commands.

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Quickly create views and view resources from the Artisan console, saving a surprising amount of time.

Code Samples

Creating views is as easy as:

php artisan make:view user  // creates --> index, create, show, edit views in the resources/views/user directory

php artisan make:view user.index  // creates --> resources/views/user/index.blade.php

Using something other than blade templates?

php artisan make:view user.index -e twig  // creates --> resources/views/index.twig

Want to use a view path you specified in config/view.php?

// If your config/view file looks like this:
'paths' => [

// Then just pass the key you want to use, like this:
php artisan make:view user.index -p 1  // creates --> resources/my-custom-view-folder/index.blade.php


To get started, use composer to require this package:

composer require bencomeau/artisan-make-view --dev

Then simply register the package's Service Provider in your app/Providers/AppServiceProvider.php file:

Note: Laravel 5.5 and above uses Package Auto-Discovery; if you are using Laravel >= 5.5 it is not necessary to manually add the service provider as shown below.

public function register()
    if ($this->app->environment('local')) {

And you're ready to quickly generate views!


To list all command options

php artisan make:view --help

Make a single view by name, in dot notation

php artisan make:view user.index

Make a view resource by passing just the name of the resource

php artisan make:view user -r

Make a view with a custom extension

php artisan make:view user.index -e twig

Make a view and store it in another directory Note: -p 1 refers to the value of array key of 1 in your config('view.paths') setting.

php artisan make:view user.index -p 1

Combine multiple options to fully-customize the view(s) being created Note: this will create all resource views in your custom directory, with the twig extension.

php artisan make:view user -r -p 1 -e twig


Artisan Make View is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.