Provides HTTP POST finisher for EXT:form

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1.0.0 2022-11-29 09:28 UTC

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Custom form finisher "HTTP POST/GET"

This TYPO3 extension adds a custom form finisher "HTTP POST/GET" to the TYPO3 form framework which call plain HTTP Request (POST/GET) to transfer data via cURL. The transmitted Data will be generated as array from the Form Fields.


Copy the extension folder to \typo3conf\ext\ , upload it via extension manager or add it to your composer.json. Add the static TypoScript configuration to your TypoScript template.

This version supports TYPO3


Composer support

composer req beewilly/hive_form_post


  1. Add Finisher "HTTP POST/GET" to your form
  2. Set target URL in the finisher
  3. Optional: Set username/password in the finisher if authentication is required
  4. Optional: Set additional variables that are needed (e.g: optinSetupId for MailingWork)
  5. Optional: Activate "Convert field key to integer" if target needs keys to be integer
  6. The transmitted Form Data will be generated automatically as array from the Fields identifier as key and value as value


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[1.0.0] - 2022-11-29

  • release version

    [0.4.0] - 2022-11-23

  • add Finisher option to change the HTTP Request Method between POST and GET

    [0.3.0] - 2022-11-23

  • add Finisher option to convert post field key as integer instead of string -> id must be included in identifier

    [0.2.0] - 2022-11-16

  • add manually creatable variables to the finisher backend
  • make url required

    [0.1.0] - 2022-11-14

  • initial