Bynder integration for TYPO3

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0.0.3 2018-10-30 15:32 UTC


Bynder integration extension, providing seamless access to Bynder's asset bank on your website.

The extension will allow the authorised users to:

  • Select/import images from Bynder including metadata (title, description, etc)
  • Display images (scaled/cropped) from Bynder


  1. You are a customer of Bynder
  2. You have API access (tokens)


Download and install bynder through extension manager in the back-end of you TYPO3 installation.

Or add byder via composer composer require beechit/bynder to your existing project and go the the extension manager in the back-end to install it.

Next got the the extension configuration of EXT:bynder and fill in the needed url's and credentials.

Available Configuration

Key Description Required Default
url Bynder Url (example: Yes
otf_base_url OnTheFly derivative's Url (1) No
consumer_key Bynder OAuth consumer key Yes
consumer_secret Bynder OAuth consumer secret Yes
token_key Bynder OAuth token key Yes
token_secret Bynder OAuth token secret Yes
image_unavailable Displayed image when file is not retrievable like when the file status is deleted or unpublished No EXT:bynder/Resources/Public/Icons/ImageUnavailable.svg

(1) See:

How to contribute

  • Fork the repository
  • Create a new branch with your feature or fix
  • Make sure to run php-cs-fixer over your code
  • Push changes to your branch
  • Create a pull request to this repository


  • When updating/changing composer requirements don't forget to update the composer.json in the private directory.

  • To build new TER package run composer run-script package.

    A is created, this file can be uploaded in the extension manager.

Need help with integration?