This package is not installable via Composer 1.x, please make sure you upgrade to Composer 2+. Read more about our Composer 1.x deprecation policy.

PHP client for Bee.

dev-master 2017-09-14 11:52 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-11-27 13:06:55 UTC



The recommended way to install the library is through Composer:

$ composer require bee/client:@dev


use Bee\Client\Client;
use Bee\Client\Connection\StreamConnection;
use Bee\Client\Packer\PurePacker;

$conn = new StreamConnection();
// or
// $conn = new StreamConnection('tcp://', [
//     'socket_timeout' => 5.0, 
//     'connect_timeout' => 5.0,
//     'tcp_nodelay' => true,
// ]);
// or
// $conn = new StreamConnection('unix:///tmp/bee_instance.sock');

$client = new Client($conn, new PurePacker());
// or
// $client = new Client($conn, new PeclPacker());

// if authentication credentials are required
// $client->authenticate('username', 'userpass');

$space = $client->getSpace('my_space');

// Selecting all data
$result = $space->select();

// Result: inserted tuple { 1, 'foo', 'bar' }
$space->insert([1, 'foo', 'bar']);

// Result: inserted tuple { 2, 'baz', 'qux'}
$space->upsert([2, 'baz', 'qux'], [['=', 1, 'BAZ'], ['=', 2, 'QUX']]);

// Result: updated tuple { 2, 'baz', 'qux'} with { 2, 'BAZ', 'QUX' }
$space->upsert([2, 'baz', 'qux'], [['=', 1, 'BAZ'], ['=', 2, 'QUX']]);

$result = $client->evaluate('return ...', [42]);

$result = $client->call('box.stat');


Using packer classes provided by the library require to install additional dependencies, which are not bundled with the library directly. Therefore, you have to install them manually. For example, if you plan to use PurePacker, install the rybakit/msgpack package. See the "suggest" section of composer.json for other alternatives.


To run unit tests:

$ phpunit --testsuite Unit

To run integration tests:

$ phpunit --testsuite Integration

Make sure to start client.lua first.

To run all tests:

$ phpunit

If you already have Docker installed, you can run the tests in a docker container. First, create a container:

$ ./ | docker build -t client -

The command above will create a container named client with PHP 7.1 runtime. You may change the default runtime by defining the IMAGE environment variable:

$ IMAGE='php:7.0-cli' ./ | docker build -t client -

See a list of various images here.

Then run Bee instance (needed for integration tests):

$ docker network create bee-php
$ docker run -d --net=bee-php --name=bee -v `pwd`:/client \
    bee/bee:1.7 bee /client/tests/Integration/client.lua

And then run both unit and integration tests:

$ docker run --rm --net=bee-php --name client -v $(pwd):/client -w /client client


WTF license