0.3.1 2013-10-09 23:37 UTC


Project: Bedrock Framework
Version: 0.3.1
Build: 80
Released: 08-10-2012

Bedrock is designed to be something more than the multitude of PHP frameworks out there. It comes packed with all the essentials: an MVC architecture, a basic ORM, and a simplistic templating system. But its goal is for something greater: bringing all those disparate APIs into one accessible and friendly framework.


This is an extremely early release of the Bedrock Framework. At this point, it should not be considered for a production environment.

If you require any assistance, consider using the official forums:


Official documentation is available at the following URL (and includes generated PHPDocumentor API documentation):

Issue Tracking

We are currently using the Arctic bug tracking system, installed at the following URL:

Currently the bug tracker is read-only to public users. We have plans to open bug reporting up to everyone in the future. In the meantime, bug reports and feature requests can be submitted using the official forums located here:

If you are a contributor and do not have a login to the bug tracker, please contact a release manager to get one set up.