Beanstream PHP API

1.0.1 2016-03-23 17:32 UTC


Composer ready PHP wrapper for Bambora NA Payment API.


The recommended way to install the library is using Composer.

  1. Add this json to your composer.json file:
    "require": {
        "beanstream/beanstream": "dev-master"
  1. Next, run this from the command line:
composer install
  1. Finally, add this line to your php file that will be using the SDK:
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

Handling Exceptions

If the server returns an unexpected response or error, PHP API throws \Beanstream\Exception.

Positive error codes correspond to Beanstream API errors, see Bambora NA Payment API

Negative codes correspond to cURL errors (original cURL error codes are positive, in \Beanstream\Exception those are just reversed). Exception with zero error code are PHP API specific, e.g. The curl extension is required or Unexpected response format.

Generally, any unsuccessful request, e.g. insufficient data or declined transaction, results in \Beanstream\Exception, thus try..catch is recommended for intercepting and handling them, see example below.

Your First Integration


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$merchant_id = ''; //INSERT MERCHANT ID (must be a 9 digit string)
$api_version = 'v1'; //default
$platform = 'api'; //default

//Create Beanstream Gateway
$beanstream = new \Beanstream\Gateway($merchant_id, $api_key, $platform, $api_version);

//Example Card Payment Data
$payment_data = array(
        'order_number' => 'a1b2c3',
        'amount' => 1.00,
        'payment_method' => 'card',
        'card' => array(
            'name' => 'Mr. Card Testerson',
            'number' => '4030000010001234',
            'expiry_month' => '07',
            'expiry_year' => '22',
            'cvd' => '123'
$complete = TRUE; //set to FALSE for PA

//Try to submit a Card Payment
try {

	$result = $beanstream->payments()->makeCardPayment($payment_data, $complete);
     * Handle successful transaction, payment method returns
     * transaction details as result, so $result contains that data
     * in the form of associative array.
} catch (\Beanstream\Exception $e) {
     * Handle transaction error, $e->code can be checked for a
     * specific error, e.g. 211 corresponds to transaction being
     * DECLINED, 314 - to missing or invalid payment information
     * etc.

See examples.php for more examples.



Beanstream defines separate API access passcodes for payment, profile and reporting API requests. It is possible to use the same value for all of them, and create a single instance of \Beanstream\Gateway. You can also initialize separate \Beanstream\Gateway instances for each type of request. API access passcodes are configured via the Beanstream dashboard (See administration -> account settings -> order settings for payment and search passcodes, configuration -> payment profile configuration for profile passcode).

Billing Address Province

Beanstream requires the province field submitted along with billing data to be a two-letter code. It only requires it when the specified country is US or CA, for other country codes set it to -- (two dashes) even if the corresponding country does have states or provinces.

Backwards Compatibility

The default $platform value assigned is 'api', which sends your requests to the endpoint ''. The ensure backwards compatibility, you may assign $platform = 'www' which will send your requests to the legacy endpoint ''.

Ensuring TLS 1.2-Only Compatibility

If you would like to test compatibility with the LIVE TLS 1.2-only environment, assign $platform = 'tls12-api', instead of 'api'; This will point your requests to the endpoint ''. Please be advised that this endpoint is provided for a limited time, and is intended for integration compatibility testing only, and is not intended for any type of load tests. More details can be found on the Bambora North America Knowledge Base.