Sculpin less bundle

0.1.0 2015-06-08 07:43 UTC

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Last update: 2021-09-23 22:29:34 UTC


Software License

Sculpin bundle that integrates the oyejorge/less.php LESS processor.

Each *.less file is parsed to CSS. If the parser generated any CSS output the file is renamend to *.css in place. If the parser did no generate any valid CSS output the *.less file will be ignored.

Future scope

This is a POC implementation. In the future this may be extended to include advaced configurations to have a separate output directory for the generated *.css files as well as compression for example. Eventually this may result in a CSS processor bundle that supports multiple processors like SASS as well.

Please create a issue on Github if you have any ideas. All contributions are welcomed.


  • Add the following to your sculpin.json file:
    "require": {
        "bcremer/sculpin-less-bundle": "~0.1"
  • Run sculpin update.
  • Add the bundle to your kernel app/SculpinKernel.php:

class SculpinKernel extends \Sculpin\Bundle\SculpinBundle\HttpKernel\AbstractKernel
    protected function getAdditionalSculpinBundles()
        return array(


# app/config/sculpin_kernel.yml
    extensions: ["less"]
    files: ["assets/css/basic.less"]

By default the extensions whitelist is used. If the files whitelist is set it takes precedence and all other LESS files are not converted.

To ignore non matching LESS files the sculping ignore configuration can be used:

# app/config/sculpin_kernel.yml
    ignore: ["assets/css/_imports/"]


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.