A bundle of tools to work with JSON in PHP

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This project is a rewritten fork of few very nice JSON libs for PHP:

JSON Writer

There is an example of product catalog export using JSON Writer

$fh = fopen($filename, "w");
$writer = new Writer($fh);

$writer->enter(Writer::TYPE_OBJECT);                // enter root object
    $writer->write("catalog", $catalog['id']);      // write key-value entry
    $writer->enter("items", Writer::TYPE_ARRAY);    // enter items array
        foreach($catalog['products'] as $product) {
            $writer->write(null, array(             // write an array item
                'sku'  => $product['sku'],
                'name' => $product['name']
    $writer->leave();                               // leave items array
$writer->leave();                                   // leave root object



{"catalog":19,"items":[{"sku":"0001","name":"Product #1"},{"sku":"0002","name":"Product #2"}]}

JSON Reader

Using JSON Reader you can easily read json generated by code above

$fh = fopen($filename, "r");

$reader = new Reader($fh);
$reader->enter(Reader::TYPE_OBJECT);                // enter root object
    $catalog['id'] = $reader->read("catalog");      // read catalog node
    $reader->enter("items", Reader::TYPE_ARRAY);    // enter item array
        while($product = $reader->read()) {         // read product structure
            $catalog['products'][] = $product;
    $reader->leave();                               // leave item node
$reader->leave();                                   // leave root object