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1. What is Basecondition?

Basecondition is a Framework for the development of complex web page layouts.

1.1 What contains the basecondition/unitbundle Repository?

This repository contains the basecondition/unitbundle to compile scss to css. This repository is for those who wish to use the resources without any of the other basecondition components.

1.2 Compiler

The basecondition/unitbundle use to compiles external resources. It should be noted that these do not support the current language version. Basecondition uses server-installed scss or the leafo/scssphp

A compile before deployment is the best practice

Take advantage of the basecondition/unitbundle only in development mode. Any action with php costs resources. Any dynamic generation process for static resources is unnecessary and should be avoided. The use in productive mode you should avoid.

2. Install

The available install options:

  1. Use the basecondition/kickstart
  2. Install the basecondition/unitbundle with Composer
2.1 Downlaod the latest unitBase release

The best way to use the basecondition/unitbundle is the install over the basecondition/kickstart Go to the repository basecondition/kickstart and follow the installation guide

2.2 Install the basecondition/unitbundle with Composer
  • Require in composer.json the basecondition/unitbundle
    "require": {
        "basecondition/unitbundle": "4.1.*"
  • Download Composer curl -sS | php
  • Install the basecondition/unitbundle php composer.phar install

3. Use the Unit

After the installation of the first option with the basecondition/kickstart you can compile scss-files over the "unit" folder. The path must have the prefix-folder /unit/ and the file extension must through .css be replaced.

To compile the file screen.scss from the folder /assets/css/ would be correct the following call /unit/assets/css/screen.css.

you like to compress the css-code? Then you must add the prefix .min to the file extension.

3.1 Pattern of a unit-call
3.2 HTML Example
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/unit/less_or_scss_path/filename.css" media="screen, print">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/unit/less_or_scss_path/filename.min.css" media="screen, print">

4. Copyright and licence

Copyright 2015 Joachim Doerr,

Bascondition is MIT licensed, read