Remember The Milk API client for PHP

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Basic information

This library is created to simplify communication with Remember The Milk API. It provides simple, object-oriented interface for PHP programmers. For list of Remember The Milk API methods see here. Each group of methods has its own service class located in src/Rtm/Service/ directory.


The easiest way to start using php-rtm library is to add it as requirement to your composer.json file:

"bartosz-maciaszek/php-rtm": "dev-master"

And update your composer dependencies.

Alternatively, you can clone this repo manually:

git clone git://

Basic usage

To call any method from API you simply need to create Rtm class instance and service object and then push some basic information like your API key and secret. Additionally, you need to acquire Auth Token from Remember The Milk. To do that, user has to authorize your app. See sample-app/rtm.php file for details, it is explained step by step.


use Rtm\Rtm;

$rtm = new Rtm;
$rtm->setApiKey('Your API key');
$rtm->setSecret('Your secret');
$rtm->setAuthToken('Your Auth Token from RTM');

$taskService = $rtm->getService(Rtm::SERVICE_TASKS);
$taskList = $taskService->getList();

Response from API is wrapped in handy class Rtm\DataContainer which gives you ability to make method chains like $response->getUser()->getName() as it supports recurrency. To review its code and unit tests see src/Rtm/DataContainer.php and tests/RtmTest/DataContainerTest.php. You can easily convert this object into an array or json string by invoking toArray() or toJson() method, respectively.

Unit tests

All unit tests are located in tests/ directory. You can run them all by invoking command phpunit in main directory (where phpunit.xml is located) or individually, by invoking phpunit tests/path/to/test/class, eg. phpunit tests/RtmTest/RtmTest.php.

Sample application

Sample application that uses this library is available in sample-app/ directory.