This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A composer cleanup plugin, to remove tests and documentation to save space

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v0.4.0 2023-08-05 15:31 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-03-09 07:46:39 UTC


Remove tests & documentation from the vendor dir. Based on laravel-vendor-cleanup but implemented as a Composer Plugin instead of a Laravel command.

Usually disk size shouldn't be a problem, but when you have to use FTP to deploy or have very limited disk space, you can use this package to cut down the vendor directory by deleting files that aren't used in production (tests/docs etc).

Note: This package is abandoned. Packages should add files they want to exclude to .gitattributes


Require this package in your composer.json:

  "barryvdh/composer-cleanup-plugin": "0.4.x"


This plugin will work automatically on any packages installed as dist. Therefore, if you are using it to build a package archive, simply run composer install with the --prefer-dist option.

What does it do?

For every installed or updated package in the default list, in general:

  1. Remove documentation, such as README files, docs folders, etc.
  2. Remove tests, PHPUnit configs, and other build/CI configuration.

Some packages don't obey the general rules, and remove more/less files. Packages that do not have rules added are ignored.

Adding rules

Please submit a PR to src/CleanupRules.php to add more rules for packages. Make sure you test them first, sometimes tests dirs are classmapped and will error when deleted.