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Class to handle zip files

1.0.1 2014-09-11 18:15 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-06-11 22:54:23 UTC


A PHP class for handeling zip files. The class abstracts the ZipArchive class.

Current support:

  • Add file to archive
  • Add directory to archive
  • Add comment to archive
  • Extract an archive

Complete documentation can be found at


Zip is now called Zippr and carries version number 1.0.

This major update has the following updates

  • PSR-0 standard for namespacing
  • Error handling using PHP Exception class
  • Bug fixes on addDir method
  • extractArchive has become a static function
  • Dependencies are checked in a seperate method


Add the next line to the require section in your composer.json file

"barry127/zippr": "1.*"