The Barista explores every Latte (file) for strict quality

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Do you drink Latte with your templates?

Get it from Barista that knows his job:

  • explore Latte via node visitors
  • upgrade Latte 2 to 3
  • lint your Latte files with context of your project

Lint Your Files with Custom Macros and Filters

Native latte linter does not understand the context of your project. If you use custom macros or filters, it will be falsely reported as missing. The Barista Linter fixes this.

To get context aware Latte, we have to provide it via custom PHP file. This file must return the Latte\Engine from your project. Create e.g. tests/latte-provider.php with following content:

use App\DI\ContainerFactory;
use Nette\Bridges\ApplicationLatte\LatteFactory

$containerFactory = new ContainerFactory();
$container = $containerFactory->create();

/** @var LatteFactory $latteFactory */
$latteFactory = $container->getByType(LatteFactory::class);
return $latteFactory->create();

Create barista.neon in your root and configure parameter:

    latteProviderFile: "tests/latte-provider.php"

Then run linting command on your paths:

vendor/bin/barista lint templates/some-file.latte

Then linter knows about all your macros and functions and reports only real bugs!