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Anchor is a Wordpress theme boilerplate made to simplify your theme creation workflow. It uses Anchor-Framework as a dependency so that it can be updated for existing projects.

Getting Started

You have to get composer and node to start.

  • Composer is used to load theme dependencies
  • Node is required to compile assets

To create a new project go into your CLI (Terminal, Powershell, etc) and type

composer create-project your_project_name
cd your_project_name
npm install

To compile your assets type

npm start


  • Blade support for templating

  • Javascript Packaging

    • Vue.JS support
    • React support
  • Gutenberg Ready

    • Compilation for Gutenberg blocks
  • LESS, SCSS, SASS and CSS packaging

  • Graphics

    • Image minification
    • IconFont creation
    • Possibility to add custom dashicons
  • Auto includes for PHP files

Blade support

Anchor (from Anchor framework) supports Blade templating language as a replacement for Wordpress PHP file structure. The Blade file structure use the exact same hierarchy as Wordpress does ( with 2 exceptions

  1. Anchor will fetch app/views and subfolder with no fetch limitation (whereas Wordpress only look 1 level ahead)
  2. Anchor will consider posttype/single.blade.php as a replacement for /single-posttype.blade.php and posttype/archive.blade.php /archive-posttype.blade.php for a cleaner folder structure

The current version of Blade is 5.

Javascript Packaging

Javascript assets are compiled with Gulp ( This supports React and Vue so you can choose you favorite Framework

LESS, SCSS, SASS and CSS packaging

Stylesheet assets are compiled with Gulp ( Use the css compiler you want for styling. We support LESS, SASS or plain old CSS.


The Gulp file will compile main.scss, main.css, and main.less into a single file main.css file which will be enqueued into the frontend part of your site.


It will also take any admin.css, admin.scss and admin.less and compile them into a single admin.css file which will be enqueued into the backend part of your site.

Theme structure

File Description
/app/ Where the magic happens
/components/ Place to pub your Gutenberg components
/public/ Compilation target for css, icons, blade templates etc.
functions.php Default wordpress function file that gets rewriten by Gulp
index.php Default wordpress index file
style.css Default wordpress style file