Authenticated User injection for auto resolving IOCs

1.0.0 2014-09-12 05:26 UTC


An easy way to inject the authenticated User into your Controllers.


Step 1: Install the package

Add this line to your composer.json

"baileylo/session-user": "1.0.0"

Or, use the commandline:

composer require baileylo/session-user

Step 2: Register the Service Provider(Laravel Specific)

Edit your app/config/app.php file and add this line to the providers array:


Step 3: Update your User Object

Add the following interface to your User model/entity,


So your class may now look like this


use Portico\SessionUser\SessionUser;

class User extends Eloquent Implements SessionUser


In controllers where all functions require authentication you can update the constructor to pass in the authenticated user.


use Portico\SessionUser\SessionUser;

class MyController {
	protected $user;
	public function __construct(SessionUser $user)
		$this->user = $user;