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Live profiler is a system-wide performance monitoring system in use at Badoo that is built on top of XHProf or its forks (Uprofiler or Tideways). Live Profiler continually gathers function-level profiler data from production tier by running a sample of page requests under XHProf.

Live profiler UI aggregates the profile data corresponding to individual requests by various dimensions such a time, memory usage, and can help answer a variety of questions such as: What is the function-level profile for a specific page? How expensive is function "foo" across all pages, or on a specific page? What functions regressed most in the last day/week/month? What is the historical trend for execution time of a page/function? and so on.

You can find the full documentation in Live Profiler UI wiki

Here is a plugin for PhpStorm to see the method performance directly in IDE. shows all features and can be used for test purposes.

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System Requirements

  • PHP version 7.0 or later to use web interface and run aggregation scripts.
  • PHP version 5.4 or later / hhvm version 3.25.0 or later to collect profiles using Live Profiler
  • Connection to database with profiling result. You can collect profiles using Live Profiler tool
  • Database extension (mysqli, pgsql, sqlite support included)
  • Perl for flame graph functionality

Key features

  • Get stats of average value, minimum, maximum, 95 percentile of execution time, cpu time, memory usage and calls count. Parameter list and statistics functions are configurable.
  • Graphs for every collected parameter and every method up to 6 months. Each graph also includes children stats. It helps to see the history of changes.
  • Differences interface to compare a particular request for two dates and see what became worse.
  • See flame graph of the aggregated request.
  • Get list of requests where a method was called last time. It may be helpful for refactoring purposes and find unused methods.
  • Get the most changed methods in any requests for two dates, for example, today and a week ago. It can help to find a place of a potential performance problem.

Installation guide

Work flow

Live Profiler has 3 main parts:

  1. Profiler
  2. Aggregator
  3. Web interface

Performance investigation guide




This project is licensed under the MIT open source license.