bad_ip PHP library

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A bad_ip PHP is released under the open source MIT-license.

bad_ip PHP library


$ composer require bad-ip/ba-ip-php dev-master


Just instantiate it at bottom of your index as shown in example

$bad_ip = new \bad_ip\bad_ip();

Settings "container" is presented as simple array

$settings = [
        'token' => 'bad_ip_test',
        'bot_access' => true,
        'deny_access' => true,
        'tor_block' => true,
        'bad_queries' => true,
        'login_incidents' => true,
        'origin' => true,
        'reporter' => false,
        'log' => true

So you can change the settings before init() as shown in example

$bad_ip = new \bad_ip\bad_ip();
$bad_ip->settings['log'] = false;
$bad_ip->settings['deny_access'] = false;
$bad_ip->settings['tor_block'] = false;

Library comes with loginHook, with simple logic behind it. You call hook on unsuccessful login attempts, it will check against Settings['login_attempts'] for number of max allowed attempts, and if reached it will report the IP. Failed login counter is reset with loginHook call with parameter true like shown in example below

    // part of login post logic presenting `loginHook` implementation example

    $rsp = $mp->webLogin($data, 'user');
    $bad_ip = new \bad_ip\bad_ip();
    if ($rsp) {
        if (isset($rsp['error'])) {
            $context['notifications'] = [$rsp['error']];
        } else {
            if (isset($rsp['token'])) {
                $bad_ip->loginHook(true); // login success
                $secops->redirect('/user/dashboard', false);
    } else {
        $bad_ip->loginHook(); // login failed
        $context['notifications'] = ['Error in login process'];

Reporting issues

See our Contributing to bad_ip PHP guide.


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