CakePHP 3.x Gentelella Theme.

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1.2.2 2017-04-21 14:22 UTC

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Gentelella Theme Demo

You can view the Demo of Gentelella Theme here:


You can install using composer.

composer require backstageel/cakephp-gentelella-theme

Enable Plugin

// config/bootstrap.php

Plugin::load('Gentelella', ['bootstrap' => true, 'routes' => true]);

Enable theme

// src/Controller/AppController.php

public function beforeRender(Event $event)

Using Bootstrap UI Plugin

This Theme Uses the BootstrapUI Plugin for CakePHP to create Bootstrap Forms. The Plugin will be installed automatically if you use composer.

Follow BootstrapUI settings to configure other aspects of the Plugin.


// src/Controller/AppController.php
use Cake\Core\Configure;

public function beforeRender(Event $event)
    // ...
    $this->set('theme', Configure::read('Theme'));
// To customize configuration paste it at end of file config/bootstrap.php

Configure::write('Theme', [
    'title' => 'Gentelella',
    'logo' => [
        'mini' => '<b>G</b>T',
        'large' => '<b>Gentelella</b>Theme'
    'login' => [
        'show_remember' => true,
        'show_register' => true,
        'show_social' => true

Symlink Assets

Don't forget to Symlink Assets to improve performance

bin/cake plugin assets symlink

Customize Layout

Replace the files according to the image.


  1. src/Template/Element/nav-top.ctp
  2. src/Template/Element/aside-main-sidebar.ctp
  3. src/Template/Element/aside/user-panel.ctp
  4. src/Template/Element/aside/form.ctp
  5. src/Template/Element/aside/sidebar-menu.ctp
  6. src/Template/Element/aside-control-sidebar.ctp
  7. src/Template/Element/footer.ctp

Page debug

Added link to default page of CakePHP.

Page debug


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