Fork of the original drupal minify module

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Original module page:

This module was forked from the original module because it contained some questionable html minification options.


Minify is designed to improve the website performance. This module provides the mechanism to render the page using minified versions of HTML and JavaScript files. Minified HTML is generated using regular expression, and JavaScript files are generated using GOOGLE Closure Compiler webservice. Minify removes the comments and whitespace which will help to reduce the file size. Smaller HTML and file size reduces the page load time and improve the website performance.


  1. Place the entire minify folder into your Drupal modules/ or better sites/x/modules/ directory.
  2. Enable the Minify module by navigating to Administer > Modules
  3. Bring up the Minify configuration screens by navigating to Administer > Configuration > Performance
  4. Selecting the Use Minified JavaScript files does not enough to improve performance, select Minify JavaScript files tab at top of the page to generate and manage minified JavaScript files