Server side data/form validation library

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Envalid is a framework agnostic and fluent server side form validation package for PHP

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Envalid can be installed via composer just execute the following command in your project root

composer require azi/envalid

Or add the following in your composer.json file and run composer install

"require": {
    "azi/envalid": "^1.0"


Using envalid in your project is super simple, here is an example

$validator = new azi\Validator();
$validator->validate($_POST, [
    'username'         => 'required',
    'password'         => 'required|password:strong',
    'confirm_password' => 'required|same:password'

If you've files to validate you will need to merge $_POST|$_GET and with $_FILES just like the following

$validator = new azi\Validator();
$validator->validate(array_merge($_POST, $_FILES), [
    'profile_picture' => 'file:image'

Available Rules

  • required
  • email
  • password Accepts password strength like password:strong|medium|normal (default noraml)
  • number
  • file Accepts file type currently supported formats: image,video,doc
  • min
  • max
  • length
  • array
  • boolean
  • ip
  • same
  • alpha
  • alnum


This repository is maintained by @azeemhassni

If you can contribute I'd love to merge your PR and your name will be mentioned in the release notes and contributors list.