Fork of Drupal Smart Title module with D10 support.

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About Smart Title



It's a common problem of site builders that the label of an entity should be configurable on the entity view display configuration form.

  • Site builders want to hide node title completely for some specified view modes.
  • Node title should follow an image field.
  • Node title should be printed in a specific layout region.

With Smart Title module, content entity labels are visible and configurable on Field UI forms.

Smart Title supports Quick Edit, Field Layout and RDF core modules and should work with every entity types which support Field UI (have a Manage display form).

The Smart Title component could be enabled per entity_type and per bundle and can be switched on for each entity view mode. For instance it can be used for full view mode of the Article content type only.

Similar or related modules


The module does not define any hard dependencies.


  • Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module.


Enable the Smart Title UI submodule. After that, Smart Title can be configured on the Administration » Configuration » Content authoring » Smart Title Settings page for any user with the permission Manage Smart Title configuration administer smart title.

Note that the UI module isn't needed for a production site and could be safely disabled.

After Smart Title was enabled for a specific entity bundle, you can visit the Field UI form of that entity type and configure it per entity view mode.

Example: you need to place Article title after an Image field.

To enable Smart Title for Article content type's teaser view mode ,

  • Enable Smart Title for Article content type: visit /admin/config/content/smart-title form, check Article and save.
  • Enable Smart Title for the teaser view mode: visit /admin/structure/types/manage/article/display/teaser and at the bottom of the page at Smart Title check Make entity title configurable. Hit save again. Every other view modes of Article will remain the same.
  • From this point, you'll have a Smart Title element for this view mode. Because of it's hidden by default, the title of any Basic page content will be hidden in every teaser view mode, such as on the /node page.
  • Make Smart Title visible by dragging it after your Image field. You may configure the HTML tag, Title HTML classes or whether you want title printed with a link to the content or not. Default configuration should be fine for teaser view mode.


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