Fork of Drupal Simple Background Image Formatter module with D10 support.

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Background Image Formatter


This module provides an image formatter that allows you to display the image
in a div as background image.
The module extends Drupal's images field. Because settings are attached
to the entity, it's very easy to setup and manage.


1. No module dependencies (Other that image).

2. Works with Drupal's field UI.

3. Works with Views.

4. Integrates with Drupal's image styles.

5. Offers 2 modes. (Inline Style & CSS Selector)

Inline Style

Instead the generating the normal img markup we now generate
the div with a inline style.


<img src="PATH" />

is changed to

<div class="[YOUR CLASS]" style="background-image:
url('[ABSOLUTE PATH]')">&nbps;</div>

CSS Selector

This option prevents the img tag from being printed to the dom and instead
generates a stylesheet in the dom.

The expected out with be something like this.

[YOUR SELECTOR] {background-image: url('[ABSOLUTE PATH]');}

Basic Installation

1. Download and enable the module.

2. Go to Administration >  Structure > Content Types (admin/structure/types).

3. Click on Manage Display for the relevant content type.

4. Change the Format to Background Image for the relevant image field.

5. Click on the settings gear to define your settings.