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Composer project template for custom Quickstart module.

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Quickstart module composer project template

This repo provides a composer project template for creating a custom Drupal module designed to be used on Arizona Quickstart websites but that is not suitable for inclusion in Quickstart itself for one reason or another.

Create project from this template repository

To create your own module project using this repository as a template use the following composer command:

composer create-project --no-install --ask az-digital/azqs_module_project:dev-main

After creating your project, you'll want to replace all instances of azqs_module_project and azqs-module-project with your own module name.

Lando configuration

This project template includes a sample lando configuration file that can be used to automatically build a local Arizona Quickstart site with your module installed for development and testing.

lando start
lando install

The sample lando configuration also includes tooling that expose Quickstart's code quality tools for checking that your module code adheres to Quickstart's coding standards.

lando phpcs

lando phpcbf

lando phpstan