Instagram image and video downloader with URL validation and cURL integration.

v5.0.0 2020-04-01 17:01 UTC

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Last update: 2021-12-01 00:18:08 UTC



Instagram Photo and video download helper library.

New: Checkout TikTokOff - TikTok video online downloader (no watermarks)

Update on May 22, 2020: Due to Instagram no longer allowing anonymous users to view photos/videos, this library is currently not working. A new version 7 is in the works, but there is no ETA yet. Only IGTV videos are working now

Old and unsupported versions

Old and minimally supported versions

I wrote this class mainly for my online Instagram photo, video and IGTV downloader, but I thought share this piece for your own extensions.

  • Validates Instagram URL (domain validation, URL path validation).
  • Uses OG properties to detect the image and video URL.
  • Supports Instagram photos, videos, and Instagram TV videos
  • Verbose error reporting with proper exceptions.
  • Full unit tests
  • No dependencies other than PHP curl extension (which is most likely enabled by already)


  • PHP 7.4
  • Curl

Thanks to:

  • MetaData - Meta data parsing regex and curl class.


With composer Install the library by running the following in your project.

composer require ayesh/instagram-download

Without composer Download the zip file from Github, and configure your autoload handler to autoload PSR-4 Ayesh\InstagramDownload namespace from the downloaded contents src directory.

You could also manually require the file. Requires a certain amount of guilty feeling because it's 2017 and you are not using a decent autoload mechanism.

require_once 'src/InstagramDownload.php'


use Ayesh\InstagramDownload\InstagramDownload;
$url = 'http://instagram.com/p/tmwAlCGygb/';

try {
  $client = new InstagramDownload($url);
  $url = $client->getDownloadUrl(); // Returns the download URL.
  $type = $client->getType(); // Returns "image" or "video" depending on the media type.
catch (\InvalidArgumentException $exception) {
   * \InvalidArgumentException exceptions will be thrown if there is a validation 
   * error in the URL. You might want to break the code flow and report the error 
   * to your form handler at this point.
  $error = $exception->getMessage();
catch (\RuntimeException $exception) {
   * \RuntimeException exceptions will be thrown if the URL could not be 
   * fetched, parsed, or a media could not be extracted from the URL. 
  $error = $exception->getMessage();