Fast IP to country lookup based on Maxmind Lite database, with no requirement for extension or binary database

v1.0.1 2021-01-18 22:07 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-19 05:26:44 UTC


Fast IP address to country code lookup - Extension-less, automatic updates, and fast JSON tree lookup


A PHP package to lookup the country of a given IP address (IPv4 supported, IPv6 on the way).

This library focuses on performance and simplicity, at the cost of slightly less precision. It is designed to return an ISO country for a given IP address, and does it well. It does not provide precise locations (such as region or city) by design.

This library uses Ayesh/Geo-IP-Database, an automated repository that publishes database updates weekly at most. The database is entirely a list of flag JSON files, that maps IP ranges to a country code.

This library does not require storing a binary data file, or HTTP requests, and thus is extremely fast.

Note that the data may not be as accurate as a full database. Autofilling the country field in a form, or redirecting a user to a regional site are some of the ideal use case. Pinpointing the precise user location to find hot singles in the area is pushing it too much.

Automatic updates

This library depends on Ayesh/Geo-IP-Database package, that provides the JSON files list.

Automatic updates to the ayesh/geo-ip-database package means an update to the database. They are in the format of v1.0.YYYYMMDD.

Occassional composer update will automatically trigger database updates.


Install this library with the following command. Alternately, it is possible to manually edit the composer.json file and add ayesh/geo-ip package as well.

composer require ayesh/geo-ip


This library provides a \Ayesh\GeoIP\GeoIPLookup class. Use the Composer autoloader (highly recommended), or manually require src/GeoIPLookup.php file.

Automatic database discovery

use Ayesh\GeoIP\GeoIPLookup;

$geoip = GeoIPLookup::createFromDefaultDatabase();
$geoip->lookup(''); // "US"
$geoip->lookup(''); // "VN"

The createFromDefaultDatabase static method creates a GeoIPLookup by setting the JSON data directory to the default ayesh/geo-ip-database location in a standard Composer installation (vendor/ayesh/geo-ip-database/data).

Manual database path

use Ayesh\GeoIP\GeoIPLookup;

$geoip = new GeoIPLookup('path/to/json/directory');
$geoip->lookup(''); // "US"
$geoip->lookup(''); // "VN"

Contributions and Issues

Feel free to open a PR or an issue for any contributions or support questions.

Database Source

This library makes use of ayesh/geo-ip-database, which in turn uses GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from https://www.maxmind.com.

This library itself is MIT licensed. However, note that the MaxMind database is distributed under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0.