Flow plugin containing utilities for flow development.

4.0.1 2017-03-17 22:09 UTC


Utility Package for Flow development.


EmailService - Based on TYPO3 Swift Mailer to send template/translation based emails

DateTimeService - Parse strings to DateTime or create strings from DateTime based on locale


ColorStringValidator - Validates color strings (#000000, rgb(0,0,0), rgba(0,0,0,0))

DateStringValidator - Validates dates (accepts multiple formats (01/01/1960, 01.01.1960, ...))

TimeStringValidator - Validates times (accepts multiple formats (01:00 PM, 13:00, ...))

EmailAddressValidator - extends flows EmailAddressValidator, can check in database for account identifier

PasswordValidator - Validates passwords (pass password as array(0 => 'password', 1 => 'password confirmation'))


RenderExternalViewHelper - render partials from another package

PrintDateViewHelper - prints given date using DateTimeService

ContextViewHelper - returns current Flow Context

RegexViewHelper - match/replace strings using regex pattern

StripTagsViewHelper - equivalent to phps's in_array(), but accepts allowed as array('br','p','a')

InArrayViewHelper - equivalent to phps's in_array()

ArrayKeysViewHelper - equivalent to phps's array_keys()

IsArrayViewHelper - equivalent to phps's is_array()

JsonDecodeViewHelper - equivalent to phps's json_decode()