Flexible full-text searching for SilverStripe

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1.2.0 2023-04-27 03:40 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-27 06:06:02 UTC


FTSearch enables you to easily build your own custom full-text search of all/any of your Silverstripe website's pages and/or DataObjects.

It generally requires no modifications to your code (see Configuration), and allows you to include and DataObject's relations (has_one, has_many, many_many, belongs_to etc).


  • Easily determine which DataObjects to automatically index
  • Include object relations (has_one, has_many, many_many, belongs_to etc)
  • Supports Versioned DataObjects
  • Full-text weight - search index has two fields, SearchTitle & SearchContent
  • Saving/deleting, publishing, unpublishing of indexed or relating DataObjects triggers re-index of DataObject
  • Search results return an ArrayList with SearchTitle, SearchContent, Excerpt (optionally highlighted to set length), Link, and the original Object
  • BuildTask to manually re-populate your search database based on your configuration

It does not include a search interface / controller as this is generally custom, and easy to implement in your controller (see Searching the Database).


  • Silverstripe ^4 || ^5
  • MySQL or MariaDB as your database engine