Several CMS usability improvements

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2.2.2 2023-11-10 01:20 UTC


Module to add a series of tweaks/modifications to the Silverstripe CMS. The goal is to make the CMS less confusing for non-technical users, removing functionality some they can't use (ie: non SITETREE_REORGANISE users).

Modifications (PHP,css/JavaScript) includes

  • Move MetaDescription and ExtraMeta to it's own "Advanced tab"
  • Adds MetaKeywords for those wanting to use them
  • Page name, URL Segment, Navigation label not shown to users without SITETREE_REORGANISE permissions
    • Meta Title is displayed on the Advanced tab if no SITETREE_REORGANISE permissions
    • "Page name" renamed "Meta Title" to avoid confusion
  • JavaScript word/character count for Meta Title & Meta Description
  • Position the Advanced tab on the right (floated after all other tabs)
  • Dependent pages (if any) displayed on Advanced tab
  • Hide add/Archive page buttons when user has no SITETREE_REORGANISE permissions
  • Hide CMS ErrorPages to non-admin users in CMS
  • Remove SiteTree drag handle when user has no SITETREE_REORGANISE permissions
  • Remove "Duplicate" from right-mouse menu when user has no SITETREE_REORGANISE permissions
  • Prevent accidental form submission in CMS when the enter key is used on input fields
  • Add "Remove formatting" button to TinyMCE to clean pasted code
  • Remove "Help" link

Please see CMSTweaks documentation for a configuration info.

Metadata Tab

The MetadataTab extension (by default) moves the Metadata information from below the Content field into its own tab. Please refer to the Metadata Tab documentation for configuration options.


  • Silverstripe ^4.0 || ^5.0