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A set of classes to assist with integration to the Avalara AvaTax SOAP API.

15.5.2 2017-05-25 15:46 UTC

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Other Samples

This is a PHP sample demonstrating the AvaTax SOAP API. For more information on the use of these methods and the AvaTax product, please visit our developer site or homepage


  • PHP 5.3 or later (not tested on versions older than PHP 5.3)


  • Authentication requires an valid Account Number and License Key, which should be entered in the test file (e.g. GetTaxTest.php) you would like to run.
  • If you do not have an AvaTax account, a free trial account can be acquired through our developer site
  • SSL and SoapClient support must be enabled for your PHP interpreter. For windows, add the following extentions to php.ini:

Note: For *nix, it may be necessary to recompile your PHP interpreter with soap.dll and openssl.dll enabled.

  • If you would like to use these core classes as part of a project and manage your depencies through composer, the Avatax classes can be added to your existing project by adding
    "repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            "url": "https://github.com/avadev/AvaTax-Calc-SOAP-PHP"
    "require": {
        "avalara/avatax": "*"

to your composer.json file and run php composer.phar update from your command line.


File Method Demonstrated
Samples/Credentials.php contains authentication elements (URL, Account, LicenseKey, Client) that are passed into the ATConfig object which ontains various service configuration parameters as class static variables.
Samples/IsAuthorizedTest.php IsAuthorized is a method that allows the user to specify a number of a methods or services to ascertain if they are permitted to use them based on the credentials provided in the request.
Samples/PingTest.php The Ping method can be used for testing connectivity to the AvaTax web service, verify supplied credentials, and return the service version in use by the AvaTax web service.
Samples/ValidateTest.php Validate demonstrates the ValidateAddress method that normalizes a provided address. US and Canada only.
Samples/GetTaxRequestTest.php The GetTaxRequest method calculates retail sales tax on documents such as sales orders, sales invoices, purchase orders, purchase invoices, or credit memos. Note: A document can be committed at this stage by setting the Commit property to true (default is false).
Samples/PostTaxTest.php The PostTax method can be used to modify the state of a SalesInvoice, ReturnInvoice or PurchaseInvoice document saved to the AvaTax database. Note: A document can be committed at this stage by setting the Commit property to true (default is false).
Samples/CommitTaxTest.php The CommitTax method can be used to modify the state of a document that is "posted" (only) to the AvaTax database via SalesInvoice, ReturnInvoice or PurchaseInvoice a methods. Note: CommitTax is not a required step to commit a document to AvaTax. Documents can be committed during the GetTax or PostTax document lifecycle.
Samples/GetTaxHistoryTest.php GetTaxHistory is a method that retrieves details from a previously saved (to the AvaTax database) documents.
Samples/AdjustTaxTest.php AdjustTax is a method that has the ability to modify elements of an already committed document. Note: Sets the Document Modified flag.
Samples/CancelTaxTest.php CancelTax is a method that cancels a tax document specified by the DocId, DocCode, and DocType parameters. See CancelTax for more details.
/AvaTax ../AvaTax is a Directory containing the core classes that enable the API samples to make Avatax web service calls.

Other Files Included in this Repository

.gitattributes GitHub attribute file. Not required for sample use.
.gitignore GitHub config file. Not required for sample use.
README.md This document describing how to make use of the sample API code.
composer.json Allows for composer management of packages.


Developer API Documentation is located here: http://developer.avalara.com/api-docs

The Avalara AvaTax API Reference is located here: http://developer.avalara.com/api-docs/avalara-avatax-api-reference

Find out what other developers are talking about on the Avalara Developer Community Forum located here: https://community.avalara.com/avalara/category_sets/developers

Frequently asked questions regarding the Avalara product is located here: https://help.avalara.com/