0.x-dev 2017-12-22 15:45 UTC


Moves values from Atlas persistence Records and RecordSets; to domain Entities, Aggregates, and collections; and back again.

  • Creates domain Entities and Aggregates with constructor parameter values taken from fields in a source Record; updates the source Record fields from the domain Entity and Aggregate properties; refreshes Entities with autoincrement values after source inserts.

  • Creates domain collection members from Records in a RecordSet; updates Records in the RecordSet from the domain collection members.

  • Allows for common case conversion between Records and domain objects (snake_case, camelCase, PascalCase); defaults to snake_case on the Record side and camelCase on the domain side.

  • Allows for custom mapping of values between source Records and domain objects.

  • Provides select($domainClass) ... ->fetchDomain() functionality for creating domain objects fluently from Atlas.Orm queries.

Atlas.Transit has some reasonable prerequisites:

  • That you can build an entire domain Entity or Aggregate from the values in a single Record (i.e., both the Row and the Related for the Record).

  • That domain Entities and Aggregates take constructor parameters for their creation, and that the constructor parameter names are identical to their internal property names.

  • That domain collections take a single constructor parameter: an array of the domain object members in the collection.

  • That domain collection objects are traversable/interable, and return the member objects when doing so.


// given a configured $atlas object ...
$transit = new \Atlas\Transit\Transit($atlas);

// ... use the FooMapper to create FooEntity objects ...
$transit->mapEntity(FooEntity::CLASS, FooMapper::CLASS);
$transit->mapCollection(FooEntityCollection::CLASS, FooMapper::CLASS);

// ... and use the BarMapper to create BarEntity objects
$transit->mapEntity(BarEntity::CLASS, BarMapper::CLASS);
$transit->mapCollection(BarEntityCollection::CLASS, BarMapper::CLASS);

// select records from the mappers to create entities and collections
$foo = $transit->select(FooEntity::CLASS)
    ->where('id = ?', 1)

$bars = $transit->select(BarEntityCollection::CLASS)
    ->where('id IN (?)', [2, 3, 4])

// do stuff to $foo and $bars

// then plan to save/update all of $bars ...

// ... and plan to delete $foo

// finally, persist all the domain changes in Transit:
$success = $transit->persist();
if (! $success) {
    $exception = $transit->getTransaction()->getException();
    throw $exception;