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ATK4 Outbox

Most web applications will need to communicate with the user. Following the task-centric approach, this add-on for ATK implements various components to help communicate with the user.

The basic idea is to avoid errors and provide only one way to use the component.

How to install

composer require atk4/outbox

How to use with Atk4/Ui

Add the lines below after calling $app->initLayout()

$app->add([Outbox::class, [
    'mailer' => new Sendmail(),
    'model' => new Mail($this->db),

After that you can call from any view $this->getApp()->getOutbox()

How to use without Atk4/Ui

Add the code below :

$outbox = new Outbox([
    'mailer' => new Sendmail(),
    'model' => new Mail($this->db),

Due to missing App, init is not called so you have to do it you have to run it


Mailer (PHMailer)

  • Sendmail
  • Gmail
    • can be customized using Atk4 direct injection :
      • username
      • password
  • Smtp
    • can be customized using Atk4 direct injection :
      • debug = PHPMailer::DEBUG_OFF;
      • auth = false
      • host = 'localhost';
      • port = 587;
      • secure = PHPMailer::ENCRYPTION_*
      • username
      • password

Extend Mailer

Whatever your needs are you must respect only the contract provided by the MailerInterface interface. So, any Traditional SMTP or API SMTP can be added only by create a new class and define the method : send(Mail $mail): MailResponse, add to Outbox during initialization and use it.

If you create a new Mailer, feel free to open a PR.

How to use it

// request an new email from outbox  
$mail = $outbox->new();

// use an already saved mail template

// replace token with data
$mail->replaceContent('token', 'Agile Toolkit');

// Add a custom address as "to"
    'email' => '',
    'name' => 'destination',

// send the mail and check the response 
$response = $outbox->send($mail);


  • Store the token present in a template, inside a field (at the moment, there is only a draft)
  • Add more helpers to the Mail template or create a controller to manipulate it and leave it simpler as a descriptor
  • Add a wysiwyg editor to edit individual templates (UI)
  • Add resend system for failed messages
  • Send SMS
  • If you have more ideas, feel free to open an issue