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Example theme for the Athens web framework.

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0.29.10 2016-10-17 19:53 UTC

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An example theme for the Athens web framework.

Example theme templates in action.
Create your own theme for easy, attractive, on-brand pages



Advanced Field Editors


These templates are for the Athens web framework. You must be using Athens to use these templates.

The following steps are described in the Athens application creation tutorial. If you are new to Athens, you may wish to use that tutorial instead.

  1. Add the example theme to the package requirements in your composer.json:
"require": {
      "athens/core": "0.*",
      "athens/theme": "0.*",

The major version number of athens/theme should be the same as your major version number of athens/core.

  1. Add the example templates in your project's setup.php, below the line that adds your project-templates:
Settings::getInstance()->addTemplateDirectories(dirname(__FILE__) ."/project-templates");
Settings::getInstance()->addTemplateDirectories(dirname(__FILE__) ."/vendor/athens/theme/templates");

That's it. Your Athens project is now using the example theme!