Aspose OCR Java Examples for PHP Developers. Helps you understand how to use Aspose.OCR Java classes in your PHP Projects.

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Project Aspose.OCR for PHP shows how different tasks can be performed using Aspose.OCR Java APIs in PHP. This project is aimed to provide useful examples for PHP Developers who want to utilise Aspose.OCR for Java in their PHP Projects using PHP/Java Bridge.

System Requirements

  • Tomcat Server 8.0 or above installed.
  • PHP/JavaBridge is configured.
  • FastCGI is installed.
  • Downloaded Aspose.Email component.

Supported Platforms

  • PHP 5.3 or above
  • Java 1.8 or above

Configure Aspose.Email Java for PHP Examples

Method 1
  • Clone the Repository
git clone
  • Setup the project using composer
composer install
Mothod 2
  • In your PHP Project's composer.json file add following lines
    "require": {
        "asposeocr/aspose_ocr_java_for_php": "dev-master"

and run the install command

composer install

Read more about composer on

Read more about installation of Tomcat & Java Bridge on