php tools with data container, collection objects, yaml config loader and timer

v3.0.1 2018-08-20 09:36 UTC


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This library is all about helping with the common little problems like having a type of object to inherit from with an internal data storage to turn to a json or array, ...


A lot of examples on how to use the classes can be found in the UnitTests. The whole collection is extensively tested and therefore quite stable. Feel free to contribute, suggest changes or help make it better.


You'll get following groups of classes which are interdependent


This part consists of two distinct classes:

  • Data is a data store where you can easily store and retrieve data.
  • DataCollection ist a container to house items like objects, iterable.


Here you get a static factory which is able to produce three types of configuration objects, based on Data class. All config objects take yaml files as source and provide easy access via get/set methods. See UnitTests for examples. Available types are:

  • ConfigDefault - basic config object, stores the yaml content "as is", provides get/set.
  • ConfigEnv - provides the possibility to get an environment-merged config. Based on the currently provided env, you'll have e.g. prod -> dev merged, with prod node as a master.
  • ConfigTimer is a specialised for of config to provide pre-generated DateTime objects for the Timer class.

Configs now also support the "imports" syntax from symfony configs.

    - { resource: defaults.yml }

There is the possibility to use a "default" node in all configs, except timers, which will be used as merge-base. Imported configs will be treated just like the "default" node and also become the base for merging. The order of merges is import -> default -> prod -> $env.


Provides functionality to check if there's a current holiday, has configurable "timers" to check uf e.g. your hotline should be available etc. Extensive examples can be found within both, the TestData and UnitTests :-)


TestData is just a helper for providing configurations for either Config and Timer. Have a look for YAML config examples.