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Image caching for everybody

1.0.0 2014-01-15 22:51 UTC


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Automatically generate images at the size you need them with presets

works with any framework

How it works

let's say your images are in the /images web folder. you want to have thumbnails of 200x200 pixels.

You create a preset named 200x200 and configure it to scale images to 200x200 pixels

At this point, you're ready to use the module

call the url /imagecache/200x200/your_image.jpg and on the web server it will:

  • check for the existence of /imagecache/200x200/your_image.jpg
    • if it exists:
      • return it
    • if not:
      • take the image /images/your_image.jpg
      • apply the 200x200 presets to it
      • write it to disk at /imagecache/200x200/your_image.jpg
      • return it to the browser

You've probably guessed it, the URL is constructed as follows :

/<cache folder>/<preset name>/<file name>


    'images_url' => 'imagecache', // imagecache/:preset/:file
    'path_images_root' => ROOT. '/storage/uploads',
    'cache_path' => ROOT. '/storage/cache',
    'presets' => array(
        '200x200' => array( //exact size
            array('action' => 'scale_and_crop', 'width' => 200, 'height' => 200)
        'x85' => array( //fixed height
            array('action' => 'scale', 'width' => 85)

set cache folder chmod 755.


For it to work you need

  • PHP 5.3
  • Clean urls with apache url_rewrite or nginx rewrites


Preset configuration

The most important part of the module, the presets.

They're made of a a key with an array of "actions" to apply

You can put any key you want as long as it works in a URL.

However a recommendation is to put the size of the final image in the preset name, this allows for much more reusability in your presets. because if you create a rule named "thumbnails" and that your layout changes the sizes of your thumbnails but only in some places, you'll soon end in a mess with the preset names

Preset structure

'name' => array(
	action ...

Action structure

array('action' => 'action_name', ... options ...)

Complete list of actions and options


'presets' => array(
    '40X40' => array( //exact size
        array('action' => 'scale_and_crop', 'width' => 40, 'height' => 40)
    'X85' => array( //fixed height
        array('action' => 'scale', 'height' => 85)
    '60X200' => array( //scale to fit inside
        array('action' => 'scale', 'height' => 200, 'width' => 60)

Retina Images

This package also helps to generate image for retina displays. there are two ways for this.

with plugins like retina.js the page will automatically try urls with @2x at the end.

so when a normal image's url is /images/cache/200x200/koala.jpg it will resolve to : preset = 200x200 and file = koala.jpg.

But if you call the url /images/cache/200x200/koala@2x.jpg it will resolve to : preset = 200x200@2x and file = koala.jpg.

Now the interesting thing happens : if the preset exists, it is applied. If it doesn't, it will take the 200x200 preset and double all it's values.

so if in the preset 200x200 you crop your images to 200x200 pixels, it will now be a 400x400 pixels image.


  • add some unit tests
  • do image manipulation with Imagine and allow for greater flexibility in manipulations
  • write documentation for other frameworks