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A Laravel wrapper for Krizon's Google Analytics Measurement Protocol PHP Client.

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0.0.3 2014-03-24 10:45 UTC


An Analytics Measurement Protocol client for Laravel. This simply provides a static interface for Krizon's PHP client.


Use it just like Krizon's PHP client, but without the need to instantiate, pass a tid (this is taken from, or pass a cid (this is picked up from the _ga cookie, although it can also be manually passed).

    'ec' => 'Contact Form',
    'ea' => 'Submit',
    'ev' => 1


Using Composer:

composer require ash/laravel-measurement-protocol:dev-master

Service Provider

Add the service provider Ash\LaravelMeasurementProtocol\LaravelMeasurementProtocolServiceProvider.


Optionally add an alias, like so:

aliases => array(
    'MeasurementProtocol' => 'Ash\LaravelMeasurementProtocol\LaravelMeasurementProtocolClient'


You'll need an Analytics config that exposes your tracking id (tid). For example, create a config file at app/config/analytics.php containing:


return array(
    'tid' => 'UA-XXXXXXX-X'