PHP OO Framework

v0.2.3 2012-03-28 00:00 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-16 03:30:09 UTC


cana is an mvc php framework for rapid object oriented development. it combines existing php framework fundamentals found in frameworks such as zend, and combines it with easy to use, extended object support found in ruby, python, and jquery. cana's name speaks for itself.

some cool shit you can do

grab an object from the database and cache it in mem

$shot = new BigBrother_Shot('DEV_DSM_000');

or do the same thing but with auto object creation, auto class aliasing, and removing the unnecessary quotes

$shot = Shot::o(DEV_DSM_000);

call a function on multiple database objects


set a property on multiple objects and save them back to the db

echo Staff::o(DSM,MPR,SSW)->s('permission','MANAGER')->save();

set multiple properties on an object an save it

    'date_due' => '2012-01-01',
    'id_deliv_group' => 'LUMA'

output a database object as json

echo Shot::o(DEV_DSM_000)->json();

or output multiple database objects as a single json object

echo Shot::o(DEV_DSM_000,534)->json();

modify several objects properties from a db query

c::db()->get('select * from shots where id_project="marvel"')->producer = 'DSM';

iterate using the db object

foreach (c::db()->get('select * from shots where id_project="marvel"') as $shot) {

set the producer property of two objects, then access those dbos from their cache and output their producer property

Shot::o(DEV_DSM_000,534)->producer = 'DSM';
echo Shot::o(DEV_DSM_000)->producer;
echo Shot::o(534)->producer;

this filter would be the same as this sql ((id_project=dev AND shot_name=DSV_DSM_000) OR (id_shot=534))

echo Shot::o(
        ['shot_name' => 'peanuts', 'id_project' => 'dev'],
        '{"shot_name": "BACON"}',
        ['id_project' => 'dev', 'shot_name' => 'DEV_DSM_000'],
        ['id_shot' => '534']

filter a set of objects to set the producer property on only specific items, then return the full set

$shots = Shot::o(['shot_name' => 'peanuts'],'{"shot_name": "BACON"}',DEV_DSM_000,534)

access the last items in the set

echo Shot::o('{"shot_name": "BACON"}',DEV_DSM_000,'534')->eq(-1);

constructing a set with several arguments, arrays, or sets, will merge the items insite

i::o(Shot::o(534),Shot_Element::o(4944))->each(function($key, $item) {
    echo $this;

create a set from an already existing array sand iterate through them using foreach

foreach (i::o(Project::o('marvel')->shots(), Project::o('uw4')->shots()) as $shot) {
    echo $shot;

use the query method to build a set, then loop through each item

    select elements.* from tasks
    left join elements on elements.id_shot_element=tasks.id_shot_element
    left join shots on shots.id_shot=elements.id_shot
    left join projects on projects.id_project=shots.id_project
    where id_element="PLATE"
    and id_task_status="NONE"
    and id_elem_status!="FINL"
    and elements.id_deliv_group!="CUT"
    and (elements.id_staff="TDA" or elements.id_staff="JPR")
')->e(function($item) { 
    // do some cool stuff here

create the test function on the base cana object. this puts the function easily accesable in the global scope

c::extend(['test' => function() {
    return 'this is a test';
echo c::test();

extend a class with a function that can access the object

Staff::extend(['simpleFunc' => function($me, $in) {
    echo get_class($me).' '.$in;
Staff::o(DSM)->simpleFunc('got this');

extend a class to return a set result

Staff::extend(['devices' => function($me) {
    return $me->q('select * from device where id_staff="'.$me->id_staff.'"');
Staff::o(DSM)->devices()->each(function($key, $item) {

other stuff

cana is named after my new favorite bar here in LA -- CaƱa Rum Bar