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Categories for Eloquent Models

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This package was created by, and is maintained by Brian Faust, and provides categories for Laravel Eloquent Models.


composer require kodekeep/laravel-categories


Check lazychaser/laravel-nestedset to learn how to create, update, delete, etc. categories.

Setup a Model


namespace App;

use KodeKeep\Categories\Concerns\HasCategories;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Post extends Model
    use HasCategories;

Get an array with ids and names of categories (useful for drop-downs)


Attach the Post Model these Categories

$post->syncCategories([Category::find(1), Category::find(2), Category::find(3)]);

Detach the Post Model from these Categories


Detach the Post Model from all Categories and attach it to the new ones

$post->syncCategories([Category::find(1), Category::find(3)]);

Attach the Post Model to the given Category


Detach the Post Model from the given Category


Get all Posts that are attached to the given Category



composer test


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