Create a static website from markdown files easily

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Create a static website from markdown files easily.

What is it?

It is a static website generator. It will takes all your markdown files from a folder and make a real website (Thanks to jr). It will also make a simple menu directly with your markdown files


The best way is to get the phar archive from here web-md-generator.phar.

Put this archive inside your future website with all your markdown files inside (Markdown files should have .md extension). Finally run:

php web-md-generator.phar

After you can simply add other markdown files and regenerate to add in your menu. And you can also simply modified .html generated, it's still markdown inside so it will be easy to modify. Change your option.yml

When you will generate your website you will have a new options.yml created. By default you will have that:

  - "default"
  - "//"
  - "//,700"
charset: "UTF-8"
title: "My Website"
menuPosition: "top"
index: index
  - "js/showdown.js"

styles: you can change default by bootstrap to get the bootstrap by twitter style. and add all css you want.

title: Change title by your website name.

menuPosition: change by top or sideto have your menu on the side or on the top (only work for default style).

index: set your markdown file which will use as your index.html (don't put md extension).

scripts: add all javascript files you want (jquery is load by default).

And finally regenerate your website by running again php web-md-generator.phar.

Get a logo and favicon

For favicon: Simply add a favicon.(png|ico|jpg|gif) at your root website folder and regenerate your website.

For logo: Simply add a logo.(png|ico|jpg|gif) at your root website folder and regenerate your website.

Custom your menu

When you generate you will have a menu.yml, you can modify it to set link and/or menu name.

    - { index: 'read me' } #on the left file without .html extension and on the right your menu name
    - { 'who am i': 'who am i' }

Example and demos

For the example go to:

Demo with default style with menu on top:

Demo with default style with menu on side:

Demo with bootstrap style: