Allow users to log in with WP account.

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v0.1.0-beta.1 2016-10-08 23:03 UTC

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Last update: 2020-03-20 17:42:13 UTC


Extension provides authentication into Flarum forum with Wordpress site account.

Extension settings on administration panel
Flarum wp extension settings
Forum login popup with activated Wordpress extension
Flarum login form


composer require arslanim/flarum-ext-auth-wp

Configure extension at Flarum extensions management page.

App id   - Your forum identifier in Wordpress-site
App secret     - Your forum secret key from Wordpress-site
Wordpress site url  - Your Wordpress-site url

App id and App secret are generate by "WP REST API - OAuth 1.0a Server" plugin in Wordpress site. For more information about required plugins on Wordpress site proceed to wordpress setup section.

Wordpress setup

Assuming that you have already installed wordpress site, lets take a look on plugin installation. For authorization/authentication from Flarum forum, using flarum-ext-auth-wp, you need to instal two plugins on Wordpress site:

  1. WP REST API - OAuth 1.0a Server (v. 0.2.1 or higher) - JSON-based REST API for WordPress, originally developed as part of GSoC 2013;
  2. WP REST API (2.0-beta14 or higher) - Authenticate with your site via OAuth 1.0a.


When installation will be completed -> activate plugins from Plugins page in Wordpress console.

Then you need to register new application (your forum based on Flarum). Go to WP admin panel and navigate to Users -> Applications:

Wordpress applications

Add new application:

Wordpress addapplications

Fill fields and click Add Consumer. After that you will be redirecting to Edit Application page:

Wordpress editapp

Below there is OAuth Credentials section with Client Key and Client Secret values. This values you need to copy to flarum-ext-auth-wp extension settings on Flarum Extensions page:

Flarum ext

Then click Save Changes. Aaaaaaaaaand that's it! Now you can use your Wordpress site account for login on your awesome Flarum forum. GLHF ;)