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Simple trait that makes any class able to use PSR-3 loggers.


composer require arrilot/logs


use Arrilot\Logs\Logs;

class Foo
    use Logs;

    function bar()
        $this->logger()->error('Error happened in bar!);
        $this->logger()->warning('Warning happened in bar!);
        // etc

$foo = new Foo();
$foo->bar(); // Everything is ok, but nothing was logged anywhere because no logger was set.

$foo->bar(); // There is a log record in $anyPsr3LoggerHere now.

$foo->bar(); // An error and a warning are echo'ed to a screen.

// If you are using Monolog\Registry to store loggers, you can simply pass a logger name and the package will grab a logger from the Registry.
$foo->bar(); // There is a record in application log.

You can also use Arrilot\Logs\EchoLogger as a separate PSR-3 logger without a trait.